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General conditions

1. Bookings

La Marquise only accepts bookings from persons over age 18. The renter must be 18 years or older. La Marquise reserves the right at all times – without providing reasons – to refuse a booking. La Marquise will digitally confirm and charge you for your booking within 10 days of receipt. If you do not have an email address you will receive a confirmation and invoice by post. You must check the confirmation/ invoice immediately upon receipt for accuracy. Possible or alleged inaccuracies must be advised in writing within 10 days of the date of the confirmation/ invoice and prior to the start of the stay. If you are not in receipt of a confirmation/ invoice, you should contact us as soon as possible at 0495-496470.

2. Bookings in the long-term future

If you would like to make a future booking for a period in which the rates are not yet established, then we will make an advance reservation for you. You will receive confirmation of your advance reservation within a few days.
An advance reservation is not binding on either party. Your advance reservation becomes a definite reservation at the moment that you receive the invoice for the booking. You can still cancel without charge until 14 days after the receipt of the invoice.

3. Term and termination of the agreement

The agreement shall end automatically after the expiry of the agreed period, without any notice required.

4. Price and price change

The price is established on the basis of the rates applicable at the time, set by La Marquise. If, after the adoption of the current valid price, through an increased burden on the part of La Marquise, as a result in a change of expenses and/or levies, that directly apply to the suite or the guest, these can be passed on to the guest, also after the conclusion of the agreement.

5. Suite information

The rate for each suite includes:

  • Water
  • Gas and electricity
  • Use of the sauna in your suite (where applicable)
  • Daily cleaning of the suite
  • Fresh towels daily
  • BTW (VAT/ tax) in accordance with the guidelines of the BTW (VAT/ tax) authorities in The Netherlands
  • Cleaning on departure
  • Television use
  • WiFi use
  • Tourist tax
  • Breakfast

6. House pets

Pets are not permitted at La Marquise.

7. Payments

  1. The guest must make their payments in euros, unless otherwise agreed.
  2. If the guest, despite prior written demand, does not comply with their payment requirements within two weeks following the written notice, La Marquise has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect, without prejudice to the right of La Marquise regarding payment in full of the established price.
  3. If, on the day of arrival, La Marquise is not in possession of the total amount due, it is entitled to deny guests access to the suite, without prejudice to the right of La Marquise regarding payment in full of the established price.
  4. Any reasonably incurred extrajudicial costs, after giving notice, will be borne by the guest. If the total amount is not paid in time, following a written warning, the legally fixed interest rate will be charged on the outstanding amount.

8. Cancellations

It is advisable to take out (travel) cancellation insurance with your insurance company.
Without cancellation insurance or with cancellation insurance and an invalid reason, the following provisions will apply:

  1. With cancellation more than 3 days prior to the date, the guest is not obliged to pay any amount to La Marquise.
  2. With cancellation between 24 hours and 3 days prior to the date, the guest is obliged to pay 100% of the first night established price to La Marquise.
  3. With cancellation within 24 hours or less prior to the date, the guest is obliged to pay 100% of the reservation cost.
  4. If your stay is terminated early, the total amount of the full booking is payable.
  5. In case of no-show the guest is obliged to pay 100% of the reservation cost.
  6. The payment specified under a, b, c, d and e must be in La Marquise possession within 14 days of invoice date.

9. Arrival and departure

  1. On arrival at La Marquise you will receive the key to your suite. Check-in and suite access is available from 15.30 hours.
  2. On the day of departure, you must vacate your suite by 11.00 hours, this is to allow for suite cleaning

10. House rules

To ensure staying at La Marquise goes as pleasantly as possible, all guests are required to abide by La Marquise established (conduct) rules, as set out in the house rules. The house rules can be obtained on arrival at reception. If you wish, you can also request a copy of the house rules be sent to you immediately, free of charge. Violation of the house rules can result in removal from La Marquise, without refund of the rental amount or any part thereof.

11. Force majeure

Force majeure on the part of La Marquise exists if the performance of the contract, in whole or in part, temporarily or not, is prevented by circumstances beyond the control of La Marquise, including threat of war, blockades, fire, floods and other disruptions or events.

12. Liability

  1. La Marquise assumes no liability for accidents, theft or damage on the property unless it is due to a shortcoming that is directly attributable to La Marquise.
  2. La Marquise assumes no liability resulting from extreme weather conditions or other force majeure.
  3. La Marquise is liable for disruption to utilities, unless La Marquise can invoke force majeure.
  4. The renter, and all those that accompany him or her, are jointly and severally liable for all loss and/or damage arising for La Marquise as a direct or indirect result of their stay.
  5. La Marquise is obliged, after notification by the guest of nuisance that is caused by other guests, to take appropriate action.

13. Complaints

Despite all the care and attention of La Marquise it can happen that you have a valid complaint. That complaint needs to be locally and directly submitted to the management to ensure the management is informed of these things that have occurred and can resolve them promptly. If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction you may then refer the complaint to a competent court.

  1. All disputes relating to the agreement are governed by Dutch law. Only a court in The Netherlands has jurisdiction over such disputes.
  2. Disputes the between the guest and La Marquise regarding the realisation or execution of the agreement to which these conditions apply, can be submitted by the guest or La Marquise to a competent court.
  3. A dispute is brought before the competent court stating the names and addresses of the guest and La Marquise and a clear description of the dispute and the claim. When the guest submits the to the Disputes Committee, La Marquise is bound by that choice.
  4. The competent court has no jurisdiction to hear a dispute relating to a complaint regarding illness, injury, death or non payment of an invoice if there is no underlying material complaint.
  5. All claims from the client become barred after one year has elapsed from their origination time.