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About us

With travel as a grand passion and an energised entrepreneurial spirit, our dream has come true with the creation of La Marquise, our boutique[A1]  luxury bed & breakfast! With Nicole’s service-oriented character as a senior nurse in the children’s ward at the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven and Tim’s background as a former ‘NHTV’er’ (the National College of Tourism and Transport in Breda, now the University of Applied Sciences) and entrepreneur, we have two great attributes where we perfectly complement each other in the development of B&B La Marquise.

Our wanderlust has taken us to many places in the world and, in each, we were looking for the ‘perfect’ place or experience. So we travelled as backpackers to the wonderful beaches of Belize, we were introduced to the Mayan culture in Guatemala, and we were there to support the ‘Oranje’ (Dutch football) during the World Cup final in South Africa. After completing his studies in 2002, Tim also did a world tour as a backpacker. From those experiences, in 2004 he produced a Dutch book ‘From Bookbag to Backpack, the handbook for the world traveller’ through publisher de Toerist in ‘s- Hertogenbosch.

During all our travels, we’ve kept a professional eye on the design of hotels, resorts and hostels…As backpackers we stayed at a variety of accommodations , from a simple hostel in California’s Yosemite National Park, where we got to know American ‘hippies’, to the over-the-top luxurious Raffles Royal Hotel in Cambodia, where mainly movie stars and business leaders overnight. 

The knowledge and experience we gained during our travels were used as a source of inspiration for the development and realisation of La Marquise. In addition, we did extensive market research via the students at the NHTV in Breda. The result is a unique bed and breakfast accommodation, designed by a renowned architect and interior designer, that we are very proud of, and where we look forward to sharing our (travel) experiences with you.

On behalf of your hostess,

Nicole Broers